03.2 Bing Advertising

Queue Jump Bing Search With PPC

Low Cost Traffic, New Leads & Enquiries Using Bing Advertising

Microsoft's answer to Google, Bing is a relatively untapped advertising market that your business can capitalise on. We can help your business show up in relevant searches using PPC.

At Convert Digital, we're adept at identifying keywords (the searches your customers use to find products and services like yours) and customers, along with producing irresistible campaigns, so your Bing advertising will bring in some major return.

Why Choose Bing Advertising?

Less Competition

Let's face it, Bing is still Google's ugly cousin, less glamorous and less attractive to would be advertisers which means it's often overlooked.

On the whole, this is good news for you, as there's generally less competition, meaning lower costs per click and ultimately, lower costs per conversion.

Mobile Search

Bing is the default search engine for a whole range of mobile phones on the market, making it a ready made advertising platform for mobile search.

This is particularly useful if you're providing services within specific locations.

Revenue Generation

With all types of pay per click (PPC), you only pay when a user clicks, meaning your targets can be less speculative and focus purely on revenue and return.

Looking To Boss Bing?

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