07.2 Cocoa Mester

Sheffield Based Artisan Chocolates

What Was The Problem?

Anna at Cocoa Mester initially contacted us to help with her SEO, as she knew she needed to improve her Google rankings, with a rough idea of what she needed to do, but she just didn't have the time.

After an initial chat, it was clear that her current site was far too clunky and convoluted to be any use, making it hard for Anna to update things and generally, just being too confusing to get to grips with. To help, we redesigned the site, bringing it inline with her brand (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way) and better reflecting the quality of her chocolate (which is also gorgeous).

We built the site with the user in mind, both the customer, using the front end to buy stuff and Anna, on the back end, being able to upload stock and make any changes she needs.

Once the site was up to scratch, we devised a plan for improving organic search. To do this, we outlined a number of keywords that would bring in maximum traffic, in the shortest possible time. Working with Anna, we were able to develop an SEO plan for 2020 that focuses on the areas of business she wants to develop.

How We Helped

ECommerce Site

A full eCommerce website build to help portray Cocoa Mester as the premium, quality brand it is. The new site is luxurious and bespoke, just like Anna's artisan chocolate!

We helped rework categories whilst building the site too, making sure customers could easily navigate, find what they're looking for and ultimately, make a purchase.

Identifying Vital Keywords

Anna knew the direction she wanted to take the business in 2020, but she wasn't sure how to do it online. By using our expertise and keyword tools, we were able to develop a keyword list which will give Cocoa Mester all the right traffic.

With this in mind, we were able to develop a content plan which aims to increase Google and Search Engine rankings for all the searches that will bring maximum traffic and maximum sales.

Devising An SEO Content Plan

Armed with our keyword information, we helped put together a collaborative SEO Content Plan, so Anna knows exactly what we're doing and when. That way, she's in the loop as to what keywords we're aiming to get on to Google page one.

Some keywords just need a few on page tweaks, whereas others need a bit more attention; writing blogs or creating backlinks to give them the boost they need. Either way, we're helping Cocoa Mester top their target search terms.