03.1 Google Advertising

Connect With Your Customers Using PPC

Show In Searches & Convert More Leads, Sales & Enquiries

Google has 63000 searches every second, making it a must for any business looking to grow their revenue online.

When a user searches for services or products related to your business, we can help you show up at the top of Google results. That way, you can guarantee a boost in traffic, from fully engaged, ready to convert customers.

Our PPC Management services include initial keyword research, campaign set up and ongoing optimisation, so you can be confident we're targeting the right people, looking for the right things, all the while improving performance month on month.

Why Advertise on Google?

Direct, Immediate Return Marketing

Let's be honest, if there are people currently searching; 'your service in your service area' you want to know about it. With Google Advertising, we can do just that.

Unlike other marketing avenues, there's very little ambiguity with PPC. Tell us your business and we'll find people searching for your products.

Customers Are Ready To Go

If someone is searching 'Buy Chocolate Cake in Sheffield', the chances are, they're ready to buy. With Google Advertising and Pay Per Click, your new audience are generally further down the 'sales funnel'; basically, ready and waiting to buy or convert.

Black And White Results

If your Google Advertising generates a new lead, we can tell you exactly what your new customer searched for to get there.

The beauty of PPC is that it offers comprehensive data to analyse, so we can continually improve; increasing clicks, improving conversions and reducing cost per conversion.

Fancy Topping Google?

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