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Show In Searches & Convert More Leads, Sales & Enquiries

Google has 63000 searches every second, making it a must for any business looking to grow their revenue online.

When a user searches for services or products related to your business, we can help you show up at the top of Google results. That way, you can guarantee a boost in traffic, from fully engaged, ready to convert customers.

Our PPC Management services include initial keyword research, campaign set up and ongoing optimisation, so you can be confident we're targeting the right people, looking for the right things, all the while improving performance month on month.

What Can Our Google Advertising Agency Do For Your Business?

Direct, Immediate Return Marketing

Let's be honest, if there are people currently searching; 'your service in your service area' you want to know about it. With Google Advertising, we can do just that.

Unlike other marketing avenues, there's very little ambiguity with PPC. Tell us your business and we'll find people searching for your products.

Target Customers That Are 'Ready To Go'

If someone is searching 'Buy Chocolate Cake in Sheffield', the chances are, they're ready to buy. With Google Advertising and Pay Per Click, your new audience are generally further down the 'sales funnel'; basically, ready and waiting to buy or convert.

Create Black And White Results

If your Google Advertising generates a new lead, we can tell you exactly what your new customer searched for to get there.

The beauty of PPC is that it offers comprehensive data to analyse, so we can continually improve; increasing clicks, improving conversions and reducing cost per conversion.

Google Advertising Statistics

Google Advertising Statistics Image 1

65% Of Consumers Click On Google Ads

With Google Advertising driving two thirds of all traffic from the first page of results, can your business afford to miss out?

Google Advertising Statistics Image 2

Google Ads Convert 50% More Than SEO

Thanks to precision targeting, Google Ads convert 50% more than SEO and well outperforms other channels. Combining the two can be a killer strategy for most businesses online.

Google Advertising Statistics Image 3

Google Ads Return £2 For Every £1 Spent

How much more do you need to know about Google Ads? With a whopping 200% average Return On Investment (ROI), Google Ads effectively double your money.

Source: TechJury

Want To Top Google?

Speak to The Best (That's Us)

Our Google Advertising Features

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Complete Budget Control

With our Google Advertising services you're in control. Whilst our team will advise on the best budget options available, offering insights into how you'll see the best return, the ultimate decision is yours.

With complete budget control you'll know exactly how much you'll spend each month and how much you'll return.

Google Advertising & PPC Features Image 2

Pin Point Targeting

Do you have a particular customer base that are happy to spend? Perhaps you're business has busy hours or days? Don't worry, our Google Advertising services are designed to help you focus your spend for the best possible return.

Our team will work with you to identify key opportunities, then make continual optimisation, ensuring the biggest bang for your buck!

Google Advertising & PPC Features Image 3

Continual Development

We like to earn our keep, that's why we're always looking to develop, refine and optimise your Google Ads, helping to improve impressions, clicks and conversions, whilst driving down overall costs.

Google Advertising & PPC Features Image 4

Clear Reporting

There's nowhere to hide with PPC and we're all for it! Our team will report on your account (at least) monthly, in plain English, explaining what we've done, what you've spent and what it's returned.

A Well Oiled Machine.

How Our Google Advertising Works

If you've ever tried to manage your own ads, you'll probably understand how complex things can quickly become; which is where we come in. We like to make Google Advertising simple.

Our Google advertising services take on a three step approach, to make sure you get the best return on your investment. Here's how it works:

Step One | Identifying Your Audience

Before we even think about setting your ads up, we'll work hard to understand your audience; not only who they are, but what makes them tick.

With this information we can perfect your ads and grab your new customer's attention.

Step Two | Define Your Goal & Set Up Your Ads

Once we know your audience, it's time to set up your ads.

We'll work with your business to identify your goals and create the perfect campaigns, including killer ad copy and powerful extensions such as CTA and Site Link Extensions.

Step Three | Measuring & Reporting

Transparent reporting on your key metrics will help you stay in control of your Google advertising.

We'll let you know exactly how much you're spending, on what and why. Not to mention, plain English reporting on your conversions and cost per lead.

Google Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

We Make Your Business Our Business.

You Want The Best? Work With Us

Industry Experts

Our team have worked on Google Ads, including Display, Search and Remarketing for some of the biggest household names.

Experience is vital when it comes to managing advertising budgets, ensuring maximum return on investment; we do this each and every day.

We're experts at Google Ads, working on any budget. If you're wanting to work with the best, speak to us.

Dedicated Account Managers

At Convert Digital, we look after our clients, no matter how big or small. Our Google advertising services are supported by dedicated account managers who will keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

Need to make some quick changes? Noticed a new opportunity in your business? Our team are only a (direct) call away, meaning your Google advertising will always stay agile and responsive.

Detailed & Clear Reporting

Ok, anyone can promise you the world, but can they deliver? Our Google advertising includes some tried and tested reporting, which clearly outlines your ad account performance.

The proof is in the pudding and we don't shy away from that. We'll report on your account however often you need us too, with the metrics that are important to you.

And yes, that includes conversions!

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    Google Advertising Case Study

    Taking A Local Landscaping Business To The Next Level With Google Ads

    Devlin Landscapes had recently parted company with Yell and needed immediate access to quality leads, in order to keep business flowing. We delivered.

    Our team quickly put together highly targeted Google Ads, focussed on quotes for services such as Decking, Artificial Grass and Fencing, which provided an immediate return, ensuring continuity for their business.

    Once we had established effective campaigns, we helped optimise targeting, bids and ad copy to further improve return, which helped Devlin Landscapes take bookings well into the following year.

    Read the full case study for more information.