07.5 HomeSafe

WordPress Web Design For A Sheffield Installation Business

What Was The Problem?

Sarah, Brian and the team at HomeSafe had a ready made business, with a particular niche they knew could generate leads, if only they had a bona-fide website to send potential clients to!

We knew it was important to develop a professional site as quickly as possible, that still accurately conveyed their approach and really showcased their quality installations. Our solution was to keep things simple, with a leaned out WordPress site that's mobile friendly and lead generation focused.

A pared back site with five main pages has really given HomeSafe the online presence they desperately needed, with the next steps to implement a Local SEO strategy, appealing to local custom.

How We Helped

WordPress Website

We developed a professional, crisply designed WordPress website that showcased HomeSafe and their services as clearly and as attractively as possible.

By keeping things lean, we made sure our web build delivers everything Sarah and the team need, without breaking the bank, or over complicating their online offering!

Local SEO

An initial Local SEO Setup has helped HomeSafe show in local Google searches. We helped by adding GSC and indexing the whole site with Google, as well as registering local citations, to help HomeSafe show in Google's Map Pack whenever people make Service in Location searches.

The site has already ranked for a number of buyer intent keywords, helping Sarah and the team develop their overall leads.

On Page Optimisation

We don't just build sites, we also ensure on page optimisation is bang on. The HomeSafe site has undergone full on page optimisation, including image compression, schema markup and meta descriptions.

Video Hero Features

Building a clean, professional site which also catches the eye can be pretty tricky. We added a compressed video home page hero to really make an impact, right from the off.

Lead Generation

As always our site build on the HomeSafe site is geared towards lead generation. We've built a number of quotation specific pages, designed to ease customers over the line.

"Brilliant. The whole site looks really professional.

We were really impressed with Luke in particular, who advised us on exactly what we needed, right from the start. We would highly recommend Luke and Convert Digital!"

-Sarah | HomeSafe