04.4 Local SEO

Connect With Local Customers

Attract New Business With Local Search & Google Map Listings

Local SEO is all about getting your business in front of local customers. These days, people search by 'service in location', such as 'SEO Agency in Sheffield', so it pays to target location specific keywords.

Our local SEO services can help you rank your website locally, displaying in Google's 'Map Pack' and converting more business close to home.

We've worked with hundreds of local businesses, from builders to retailers, helping them top the map listings and generate local enquiries, speak to us and see if we can help you too.

Why Focus On Local SEO?

Better Organic Position

Displaying in Google's top three local map listings means you will have the highest organic page position as this is now displayed above all other listings.

In essence, ranking for local search helps your business 'leap frog' all the traditional, organic results.

Higher Site Traffic

Local SEO listings have a significantly higher click through rate that traditional search engine results, especially when people are searching for 'service in location'.

Master local SEO and your business will see site traffic go through the roof. It's no wonder local is the biggest focus of SEO right now.

Better Conversions & Revenue

As Google becomes more refined, potential customers search for ever more specific things, that's where local SEO comes in. Long gone are the days of ranking for a generic keyword, it's now all about connecting with customers on a more in depth level.

Ranking your website for your business services, in your area is the perfect way to build conversions and revenue, by delivering to users, exactly what they're looking for.

Want To Lead On Local SEO?

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Local SEO Case Study

Building Local Customers For Devlin Landscapes

We practice what we preach, delivering measurable and impressive results.

We were approached by Devlin Landscapes in 2019 to help them bring in more, higher quality leads for their landscaping business. It quickly became apparent that local SEO (along with a new site and PPC) was the answer.

Take a look at our Case Study to find out how we helped. They're supper happy with the results!