07.4 DriveAlly

South Yorkshire Based Driving School

What Was The Problem?

Lisa and the team at DriveAlly approached us early in 2020 to help them take their new business online, handling everything from initial site development to launch.

They had tried working with individual developers but struggled to merge everything together, so they knew they needed a fully integrated team.

We identified a number of key areas to generate initial sales, including local SEO and PPC (which we're set to launch soon), with a slick, user-friendly eCommerce site at the top of our to-do list.

Since we've started working with DriveAlly, we've managed to develop a full, start to finish launch plan, so the team know exactly what's happening and when! They're excited to get things going.

How We Helped

ECommerce Site

DriveAlly wanted to launch their business entirely online, reaching out to a market of young drivers looking to pass their test.

The eCommerce website we built is not only user friendly, mobile friendly and stunning to boot. It's also super easy to use on the back end, so Lisa and the team have one less thing to worry about when they're up and running.

Local SEO

As DriveAlly (for now) serves the local area, we knew it was important to develop a strong Local SEO plan, so that their website would show to potential customers in the local area, searching for terms such as 'Driving Instructors Near Me'.

We knew these terms were fairly competitive, so we made this a priority, using Google Search Console and Local Citations to give us a head start, whilst building the entire site.

PPC Set Up

To generate some quick sales and start the revenue ball, rolling we built a comprehensive Google AdWords search campaign, covering all target areas, with highly specific segmentation.

With this in place, DriveAlly can convert some quick leads, placing their business in front of their target audience straight away, helping to bridge the gap whilst organic traffic 'kicks in'.