03. Pay Per Click

Create An Instant Audience With PPC

Show Up Directly In Your Customer's Search Results

Immediate impact and total control over your advertising spend; that's what Pay Per Click Advertising can offer, oh and did we mention it can also get you straight to the top of search engines?

With PPC, your business can be shown in relevant searches on Google and Bing, so that your site is right in front of people that are searching for your services.

Our team can manage the whole process, including initial keyword research (to identify what your customers might be searching), campaign set up (to make sure your ads are as attractive as ever) and ongoing management (A/B testing, to drive your conversions up and costs down).

We offer a free keyword analysis, consultation and a brew, so if you're thinking of starting some Pay Per Click, get in touch.

Main PPC Advertising Channels

Google Advertising

The pinnacle of search engines. We can help reach the top with our inside track on Google AdWords. Our team can help manage your Google Advertising, including finding search terms to bid on, managing your ads and refining your campaigns, with conversions in mind.

We're an open book, so our Google AdWords management comes with full reporting, so you'll know exactly where your leads have come from and how they got there.

Find out more on our Google Advertising page.

Bing Advertising

Microsoft's answer to the Google powerhouse; Bing can offer unbelievable results with minimum spend.

At Convert Digital, we're Bing Partners, which means we're experts at advertising through their search engine results. What does this mean for your business? It means we can get your site right in front of people that matter, right when they're looking for services like yours.

Learn more about Bing Advertising.

Facebook Advertising & Other Social

Social media has had a meteoric rise over the last few years, which means it's the perfect platform to advertise your business, especially if you're looking to reach a massive market, as quickly as possible.

Our paid social media advertising will help maximise your return, targeting the right customers with the right messaging, so there's no wasted click budgets and no missed opportunities!

See how Social Media Advertising can help you.

Our Approach To PPC

Eagle Eyed Research

Before we set your PPC campaigns live, we perform painstaking keyword research, to make sure we're targeting the right searches, at the right time, by the right people; that way, we're taking out the guess work.

We can identify how many searches you could show up in, how many clicks you could be looking to get and potentially, how many extra customers you'll be looking at; making PPC an absolute no brainer.

Ongoing Testing & Optimisation

At Convert Digital we're not about resting on our laurels. We'll work tirelessly to optimise your ads and campaigns, whether it's A/B testing ad copy or adjusting bids to make sure you see the best possible return, for the lowest possible spend.

Clear, Honest Reporting

We're 100% confident in our PPC ability, but don't take our word for it. We provide every client with clear, concise and honest reporting.

Our usual reporting looks at spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue and return on investment. We're also keen to show month on month and year on year results, so it's pretty obvious how we've improved and, most importantly, how we're positively impacting your bottom line.

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