What Are The Benefits of Facebook Advertising?

Not Using Facebook Advertising? You Probably Should Be…

Over the last few months we’ve had endless conversations with clients looking to maximise their return on the whole lockdown situation. Time and time again, we’re coming to the mutual conclusion that social media is where it’s at.

Sure, SEO has delivered steady results, with sites topping Google search cleaning up with quarantined users, but social is delivering the eyebrow raising numbers which could give your business a major boost. With the world and their mother stuck in the house, social media is the ideal place to reach out to new customers.

Here’s our top reasons why your business NEEDS Facebook advertising…

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It’s Cheap

Facebook advertising is the ultimate weapon if you’re looking for mass appeal, reaching a big audience quickly, without breaking the bank. Advertising costs on the social media giant can, admittedly, fluctuate, depending upon your desired goal, but standard reach campaigns can be delivered for a few pence per click, or thousand impressions. In any marketeers book, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

It Builds Awareness

When we’re working with new businesses, or new products and services in particular, we pretty much always recommend Facebook advertising (along with other platforms too, if the demographics are there) to raise awareness and spread the message far and wide.

Facebook is ideal for upper funnel marketing, raising brand awareness and letting people know you exist. From there, you can drive major site traffic, gradually pushing users through to conversion.

Bonus: A few tweaks to your campaigns means you can deliver Facebook ads every step of the way, no matter where your customer is on their purchasing journey, offering continuity of brand, going from awareness, right through to conversion.

It’s Super Targeted

If something is free, you’re the product. That’s definitely the case with Facebook! Love it or hate it, Facebook has a pretty intrinsic grasp of it’s users, armed with vital info from age range and interests, right through to what colour undies you’re wearing. Ok, it’s not that in depth, but it does offer advertisers a plethora of demographics to segment audience with, making your Facebook advertising highly targeted and super lean.

It’s Creative

Unlike SEO and your run of the mill Google Advertising, which offers little wiggle room in the creativity department, Facebook advertising gives you the opportunity to get your designer juices flowing! Adding eye catching artwork and emojis are all part of the process when you’re advertising on social, which also lets businesses add a little bit of branding in to the mix too.

Don’t worry if you’re not the artistic type, Facebooks advertising portal also offers a creative ‘hand-holding’ process, including design pointers and stock images to boot.

As always, you’re able to split test ads, which helps separate your hot ads from your less popular ones, so you should always get a decent return, whatever the design.

It Reduces Lost Opportunities

Remarketing is nothing new, but some businesses still fail to see the benefit. Using Facebook, you can (re) advertise to users that have already visited your site, even advertising specific pages and products. This is a major tool for any digital marketing campaign as it helps reduce lost opportunities.

Think about it, if someone has already been on your site, they’re already somewhat interested in your services or products. It’s said that an average customer needs to see something seven times before it makes an impact, remarketing can bridge that gap and eek out every bit of revenue.

It Converts

Ok, we said earlier that Facebook advertising’s strengths lie in it’s upper funnel targeting, helping raise awareness and reach potential new customers. That said, with some clever campaign set ups you can use Facebook as a lead generation machine too!

Building direct response ads (which require a user action as a goal) along with an attractive offering can definitely create business leads.

At Convert Digital, we love Facebook (and social media) advertising for eCommerce too! Add in some product carousels and watch your revenue soar.

The Wrap Up

If you’ve been thinking about using Facebook advertising there’s never going to be a better time to jump on it than now. Social media numbers are through the roof, with a market that’s practically sitting ducks, waiting to part with their cash! We love using Facebook with new businesses in particular as they’re a low risk, low cost foray into the world of PPC and online advertising.

If you’d like to discuss your options a little more, contact us for more information.

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