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Maximise Local SEO With These Easy Onsite Changes

Over the years SEO has evolved from generic targeting, to ever more specific long-tail keywords, where users search for extremely detailed products or services as well as locale and geo-specific searching. This means that, whilst your website may have performed well in the past, it could be struggling to attract new customers using Local SEO; showing for customers close by who are making ‘Service in Location’ searches.

If you missed the boat on local SEO, you could be losing out on potential business, but don’t worry, there are a few quick website tweaks you can make, that will help you claw back ground in local google search. Here’s what you need to do…

Put Your Address In Your Website Footer

When potential customers make a local search, for what is known as ‘Service in Location’ (such as ‘Babysitter in Sheffield’) Google uses a number of key factors to quickly determine which businesses are close. Obviously, your business address is a major part of this, so it’s a no-brainer to add your address to your site, so Google can crawl it and register your location during regular site indexing.

Whilst it’s OK to add your business address to your ‘Contact Us’ page, it’s good practice to add your address details site wide, usually in the footer. That way, it’s visible on each page and more easily noted by search engines. It makes good business sense too! If people are interested in your services whilst browsing your site, they may like to know where you’re based, quick access to this information could help increase enquiries.

Add The Areas You Cover

Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive to limit your service area by adding an ‘Areas We Cover’ section to your site (instead of servicing everywhere), it can pay dividends when it comes to local SEO and leads.

Potential customers want to shop local, using local traders and services, so if you provide these, you may as well shout about it! Adding an Areas We Cover section to your site will help you compete for business on a level playing field with bigger sites. Think about the term ‘Web Design’ and the term ‘Web Design in Sheffield’, sure, the former attracts way more searches, but capitalising on the latter is far easier in terms of competition and work need on site.

If you provide physical services such as building work or driving instruction, it’s an absolute must to include areas you cover and really corner the market! Remember, service in location searches are some of the highest converting search terms out there.

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Tailor Your Content

As we always say, when it comes to content, write for your reader, not the keyword; don’t be tempted to stuff location keywords into your content! That said, your content, your customers and your service area are all connected, so in most cases, location based content ideas are pretty straight forward.

Take building services as an example, ‘How To Find a Reputable Builder’ is a great content idea, but how about focusing on the Sheffield area? Extra heading could include things like; ‘Search on local forums, such as Sheffield Forum’ or ‘Ask Around On Sheffield Facebook Groups’.

Add ‘Local Business’ Schema

Go one further with your local SEO and use a ‘Local Business’ schema mark up on your site.

If you’re unfamiliar with Schema markup, it’s essentially a language (or code) which communicates information from your site, to search engines such as Google and Bing. There’s are hundreds of variations you can add to your site from cinema listings to recipes, to blog information and loads in between; one of which, is Local Business information.

Adding a local business schema to your site will help improve your search engine results listings and give your business a better chance of displaying a featured snippet (which get a prominent display on Google, as well as a higher click through rate).

How Do You Add Local Business Schema?

To add schema markup to your site, you will need to paste a html friendly code onto your site, where you paste this is up to you, but it’s good practice for on page schema to match on page content. Our go to for local business schema markup is in the footer (which is made all the more easy if you’ve already added your business details and address!).

To generate your code, you could use Google’s Structured Data Markup tool (a complete ‘how to’ can be found on our Attracting Local Customers On Google blog post) or find a verified code online, remembering to use your business information! Our favourite, trusted site is Steal Our JSon.

The Wrap Up

If your a local business, you need to take Local SEO seriously, it’s the ‘here and now’ of organic search. Using our simple on site tweaks, your site will at least stand a fighting chance of making a dent in local search. There’s loads more stuff you can do if you really want to master local listings, but this is a good place to start.

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